High Speed Internet for Rural Jackson County

Welcome to RogueBroadband™.
High Speed Internet for Rural Southern Oregon™.

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It’s like getting electricity or indoor plumbing

With the net connection being so much faster now, even my visiting relatives have noticed that our existing Wi-Fi is much better.

Thanks again for bringing our net connection into the 21st century!  It’s like getting electricity or indoor plumbing – can’t possibly imagine how you lived before it! -- Kelt R.


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When it comes to connecting to the internet, people who live in town have great high speed options with Ashland Home Net in Ashland and Charter in the rest of the valley.

If you are lucky enough to live in the rural parts of our county, you know connecting to the internet can be a challenge. Downloading can be near to impossible. Forget about streaming Netflix.

We have a solution.

Nearly two years ago, we launched in the southern end of the valley near emigrant lake. Our customers jumped at a chance to use our new service replacing the DSL or Exede wireless solution for the one we have.

Our solution is faster and more reliable.

We re-launched as Rogue Broadband in October, 2015 serving rural parts of Medford, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix. In September of 2016, we purchased DC Wireless ISP adding 6 more towers in Jackson County serving Eagle Point and Sams Valley as well as much of Douglas County (Umpqua Broadband™) making us the largest Wireless ISP in Southern Oregon.

RogueBroadband™ is a service delivered in partnership by Ashland Home Net™ and Project A™.

Find out about the current rates and speed tiers here.

If you are interested in a FREE, no-obligation, on-site survey to determine your rural home can see our towers and get service from us, then please fill out this form or call 541-488-9207 and let the nice local team at Ashland Home Net know your interested in Rogue Broadband™ and they will fill in the form for you.